Wednesday, April 25, 2001


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Monday, April 23, 2001

Mark and Polly hi!

I think we are all alone here. It might be easier to communicate via email from now on (for me). Polly I liked your story immensely. It's very moody and I like that. Why don't you get someone to shoot it for you? I know that you could flesh it out and it would hold the audiences more if it did. You got a good base to build on with the two characters..

Best to you both -

Signing of. Sean

Thursday, April 19, 2001

I'm still here! - took a wee holiday recently, but am back now (boo!) I'll cast my boss-eye over the script over the next few days. (hope to make some headway with my own this w/e).

I guess it's not possible to get attachements (eg MS Word documents) up onto the site(?)


Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Hello. What's happened to everyone. THis conversation seems to have petered out.
Anyway. Here is the first (very short) draft of the idea i posted here a couple of weeks ago. I've just shown it to my friend Alex and he was delightfully positive about it, so slag it off to hell. I don't mind a bit.
Areas that I think need work are: the setting - is Soho too specific? the names - obviously not quite there yet. the end - i would like to bring the colours thing back, but can't quite think how to.
And let's face it, you may have given up on this site altogether, in which case this preamble is completely redundant. If not, email me with what you think, if you like. Hope it scrolls.


We see a 14-year-old girl asleep in a single bed.

Girl 1 (v/o)
Since I was little, this thing happens when I’m falling asleep. If I hear a noise, behind my closed eyes I see a flash.
A car starting outside makes a pinkish blob. A door closing in the house makes a brownish ripple. A plate smashing makes a bright white flash.

Hear smash of the plate and voices shouting.

Her eyes open suddenly as she is woken and she breathes in quickly.

Cut to

Night exterior.

Girl 1 clips a headlight to her pushbike and cycles off down the quiet road.
She has tears rolling down her cheeks.

Cut to

Night exterior.

Girl 1, now with dry eyes, rings a doorbell. Boy 1 answers.

Boy 1

Girl 1

Awkward pause
Boy 1
Where are we going then?

Cut to both of them on the bike – her on the saddle and him standing and peddling. She is holding on to his shoulders. They both do a little


and wave at their own reflections as they pass the Prudential building on the corner before Gower St. They are heading into Soho.

Cut to

A long queue outside a shit-looking Soho nightclub. As we look along the queue it is obvious how much younger, smaller and more excited Boy 1 and Girl 1 are than the rest of them.
Cut to

Scary bouncer
Date of birth?

Girl 1
30th of May nineteen eighty er th..two.

Scary bouncer
Piss off.

Cut to

Back on the bike they abuse the bouncer as they pass him (he doesn’t even notice).

Girl 1: (shouts) Lame boy.

Boy 1: Lame!

Cut to

Cycling through Trafalgar Square

Boy 1: (to Nelson) Lame!

Cut to

Cycling through Piccadilly Circus

Both: (roaring at the huge illuminated signs) Laaame!

Cut to

The steps of a bombed out church.
Boy 1 finishes rolling a joint. They both look round.

Boy 1
Fuck. What was that?

Cut to

Back on the bike Boy 1 hands the joint to Girl 1 behind him as he carries on pedalling. She is looking over her shoulder as she taps the ash off the end and stretches her legs out either side of the bike.

Cut to

They are both getting off the bike

Boy 1
Stay here then.

He disappears. She is left holding the bike.

Cut to

Boy 1 returns eating a bagel.

Girl 1
Oi save half for me.

Boy 1 produces a loaf from inside his jacket. And another two bagels from each jacket pocket. And half a French stick from up his sleeve. And, for his last trick, an iced doughnut from his back pocket. By now they are both laughing. Girl 1 pulls the end off the French stick.

Girl 1
Ooh it’s still warm.

Cut to

Boy 1
Night then.

Girl 1
(indicating sunrise) Morning then.

They don’t kiss.

The end.

Saturday, April 07, 2001

Mark. Yeah Hi Def - DEFinately the way to go.


Thursday, April 05, 2001

I'll have something up here soon (still working on it). In the meantime - on the subject of Hi-Def digital video vs. film, was I the only one who didn't know that the next episode of Star Wars is being filmed on Hi-Def? Here's a link:

Bye 4 now

Tuesday, April 03, 2001

Polly and Mark. Keep writing.. Let us know when you've got either an outline or a script to look at.. Then post it here.

Everyone else - whasup?? Seen any good films? How do you feel now the course is over? Plans?